Expanding Your iPhone Apps’ Reach

Creating an iPhone app is extremely easy these days. Creating iPhone app that gets noticed is impressive. Creating iPhone applications that becomes successful is amazing. But keeping the audience who downloaded your app is almost impossible.

When it comes to the most successful iphone or ipod touch apps, which do you think of the most? Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Doodle Jump? These and many others have all been wildly successful for both Apple and Android phones and tablets. But can you name the company behind the success? None of these companies has been able to motivate their app audience to continue supporting them as a developer. It’s not that the fans aren’t loyal; there are just too many distractions.

Where Do Those Eyes Go?

They have had success by offering free updates and spin-off apps using the same premise, but when it comes to delivering that audience to a new app, they all fall short. One of the big problems is no one really knows who they are. There is still a huge division between portable apps and the world of PCs and laptops. Once the user puts the iPhone down and gets back on their PC or Mac, the user focuses on a new world.

What to Do?

So how do you get those loyal customers to keep your brand in mind even when they aren’t on their iPhone? You offer them a free app for their browser. Zugo Bing lets you easily create a free (for developer and user) customer-friendly toolbar for your users’ IE or Firefox browser.

Imagine having thousands of eyes seeing your company name on their Web start page and on their browsers daily. You can deliver a custom message or announce a new apps request feedback. There are many toolbar successes that can be duplicated for your business.

Why Would They Download It?

Not only do you get the benefit of the user’s attention, but the user gets a tailored search app right on his or her screen. Use the good will of your app to offer your users special members-only deals. Link them to member-only sites and complementary services.  Toolbars can be customized to include all the most popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And when the next big thing hits, you can be the first to add it to your toolbar.

Your Loyal Fans = Your Best Customers

Best of all, you can announce your new apps to your core audience and not have to try to climb the iTunes ladder from ground zero every single time. Don’t wait. Create your new toolbar and start page today.

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