Android Overtakes Apple iOS for First Time

There is a huge battle between Smartphone companies these days and one of the battles that we have seen going on in the past is the battle between the Apple iOS operating system that is currently installed on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices and the Android operating system that has been created by Google. Up until now, the Apple iOS operating system has been the leader but now, fort the first time ever, Android has actually overtaken the Apple operating system as the world’s most popular mobile based OS.

According to a report that has been published by Millennial Media, Google’s Android operating system is now more popular than the Apple iOS. They have based these findings on the ad impressions from the month of December. In this month, there were around 46 percent of ad impressions on the Android operating system whilst there was only around 32 percent for the Apple iOS. In the previous month of November, both of the operating systems actually managed the same amount of impressions, both getting around 32 percent. Now, Android seems to have overtaken Apple for the first time ever.

As well as this, the report also looked at the popularity of Smartphone sin general and found that they were becoming more and more popular. They found that out of every 30 devices they looked at, 23 of them were Smartphone’s meaning that almost everyone now had one of these devices.

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