Apple Removes Adobe Flash from their Mac’s

Apple is one of the most well known companies in the world when it comes to technology at the moment and over the last few years; they have been responsible for some of the most revolutionary inventions of the decade. Devices such as the Apple iPhone and the iPad device have been real big hits with the company but there has always been a large discussion about the use of Flash on the devices. Apple doesn’t allow Adobe Flash to be installed on these devices but up until now, the Mac computers that Apple creates have still had Flash installed. Now, Apple has taken Flash away from the Mac computers too.

This has come as a large shock to a lot of consumers and other companies around the world and a lot of companies have said that this is ridiculous. Apple will now no longer ship their Macintosh computers with Adobe Flash installed, although you will be able to download and install it for yourself. This has sparked a lot of concern with rival companies and consumers alike saying that Apple is being far too restrictive and that it is the user’s right to have Flash installed on their computers.

The CEO of Apple; Steve Jobs, believes that Flash isn’t efficient enough hand he says this is the reason for the removal. Steve has said that HTML5 will soon take over Flash and there will no longer be use for it on their Macs.

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  1. How difficult is it to install Flash? I’ve done that will many new PCs and my iMac. A minute or so at the most.

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