iPhone Error 3194 – How to Fix this Common iPhone/iTunes Problem?

What is iTunes Error 3194 in iPhone?

Error 3194 is the most common error in iphone when we try to update or restore the iphone. Many users reported these kind of pop up iphone error 3194 problems:

“Can not update the iPhone” iPhone. “Unknown error occurred (3194).”


“Can not restore iPhone” iPhone. “Unknown error occurred (3194).”

error 3194

Error 3000-3999 (3002, 3004, 3013, 3014, 3018, 3164, 3194 and so forth): interval 3000 error codes usually indicate that iTunes can not contact the server on port 80 or gs.apple.com 443. This could occur due to interference with a firewall or security software is not updated or is not configured correctly, a voice for the hosts file that redirects requests to gs.apple.com (see error 1004 above), or for settings proxies relating to the Internet on your computer. Try to avoid using a proxy or resort to a good network. If the problem persists, see iTunes for Windows: Troubleshooting security software. The error 3014 may indicate the need to free up more disk space on your computer before restoring groped again. You can fix the itunes error 3194 even upgrading to the latest version of iTunes. Look for a message indicating the unsuitability of the equipment required for the build in reports of the update.

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Another common reason of the problem is iTunes 3194 error usually appears when you are trying to restore firmware that is not digitally signed by Apple, often during a downgrade of IOS or even during some repairs. If you run the error 3194 from iTunes, you can fix the 3194 error by pointing to the iTunes servers SHSH Cydia, where the blob has SHSH saved for that particular firmware.

We need to validate the firmware and iTunes. Fortunately, most operating systems have the ability to define specific servers transgress wildly through a file called Hosts. Using this, we directional server orders Apple digital signatures to Cydia.

How to Fix iTunes Error 3194?

Are there any simple solution to fix this iphone error 3194? Well, you could try these two options to solve the iphone problem:

First method to fix itunes error 3194:  This method is using Tinyumbrella, Download TinyUmbrella (Windows or Mac) , then Launch TinyUmbrella >> go to “Advanced” tab and check “Set to Cydia Hosts on Exit” >> Click “Apply Changes” and reboot your PC / Mac >> Put your iDevice in DFU mode and try to restore via iTunes >> Done.

Second Method to solve iphone error 3194 (manually): Please Close iTunes >> Locate the file: Windows users: go to C: Windows System32 drivers etc and open the “hosts” file with a text editor and administrator (administrator to Run);  Mac users: open the Finder, select “Go” by top bar and then “Go to Folder”. In the window that comes up, type “/ etc /, then find the file” hosts “and open it with TextEdit All: At the end of the” hosts “file just opened a copy / paste this string and save the file: gs.apple.com >> Put your iDevice in DFU mode and try to restore through iTunes >> Done

Both are the most used method to fix this kind of iphone error 3194.  If you were to run into another problem, however, this time may be related to your antivirus or firewall: try to disable them temporarily to solve and complete the procedure. Please report here if both method are not worked for you. And share here if you have another simplest and easy solution to fix 3194 error.

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