Apple iPhone 5 and the HTC 8X… Is There a Comparison?

Apple iPhone 5 and the HTC 8X. When we talk about smartphone platforms, everyone always has either iPhone or Android on the brain. And we can’t really blame them either. Android has about 61% of the market share under its dominion and iPhone seems to have a monopoly on gossip alone since the release of iPhone 5. The tech world is all about what happens with these two tech traders.

We’re Doing It Anyway

But we get so caught up in their hype we tend to forget where we ourselves stand in this mad race. Well, we are the all powerful consumer… no? Well, we are. The only reason a smartphone exists is because we have a desire, and now need for it. So we choose what we like, what we want, what we need, and what we don’t. And that includes comparing phones to see which ones are the best ones for us, regardless whether they seem fitting to compare or not. Having said that, let’s take a look at the HTC 8X and how stands next to the iPhone 5.

Microsoft is desperately trying to make sure it does not fall into the category of forgotten platforms and is doing well enough after it has Windows 8 catching attention. One of the devices other than Nokia that is pushing the Windows 8 is HTC 8X. This phone is a Taiwanese manufactured version of what a windows 8 phone for high-end spectrum would look like.

What Lies Inside

Anyway, inside the HTC 8X we have the stuff of high end smartphones alright. It has a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip which runs at a frequency of 1.5 GHz. Now if we look at Apple’s processor there is indeed a new A6 chipset which seems to live up to the promise that the new iPhone 5 processor will be twice as better as the iPhone 4S’s processor.

If we look at the camera then we realize that again, both have their place. The iPhone 5 seems to be the better camera carrier but at the same time, the HTC 8X has a higher resolution for the front camera. Most people would consider the iPhone’s camera the better pick but really depends on individual preference when you get down to it.

When we talk about size, and especially screen size, the HTC sports a 4.3 inch LCD with a 720p screen. So, overall the pixel density comes to 342ppi which is not bad at all. The rest of the hardware is pretty run of the mill. Now the display is all that there seems to be for the iPhone lovers to really measure out since now they get a 4 inch display with 1136x640p display.

When it comes to memory and storage, Apple offers better and varied storage options. You can get 16, 32, and 64 GB memory options. The HTC only comes in 16GB options; take it or leave it. Neither device gives you microSD card support so if you need lots of memory then the HTC isn’t going to satisfy you much. And there’s a running issue for since many are using apps to track iPhone sets, much in the same way Androids are being monitoring too.

And finally, the OS. Well, the iOS 6 has disappointed many but there are improvements to its predecessor if nothing else. It continues to be the OS you should opt for to avoid problems like cell phone monitoring software and iPhone spyware though the Apple Maps fiasco was a major bungle no one can deny. Windows 8 still seems to be an enigma and figuring out what is going on there can be a bit tricky. But one thing is for sure, Microsoft doesn’t have to do much to out- do the iOS 6.

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