How to Make Your Own Android Applications

How to Make Your Own Android ApplicationsAndroid is a smartphone operating system that is able to grab the attention of millions of people to use it. Thousands of app can be downloaded on Google Play gratis.Ribuan people and many of them have achieved success of this android application development. You can sell the application to the android users and many also received money from advertisements on his application so many people crowd gathered around to look for ways to make android application.
How to Make Your Own Android Applications
How to Make Your Own Android Applications
 To successfully become a successful android app developer, you have to create an application that is not only useful but also have quality. Frequent updates to add yours android application features and add quality android apps. Now you want to know how to create their own android application? Please follow the step by step we provide below.
Prepare Tool To make APP : How to Make Your Own Android ApplicationsEclipseIt is a tool used to develop the Android app. It’s a kind of workshop for making utensils. Dibengkel this is we create tools that we want. Similarly Aclipse to create Android applications that we want. It’s open source and a lot of developers are using it. To download it you can download here. / downloads /
NetbeansIt’s the same with Eclipse use. It is suitable for developers who want to create a java-based applications. It is also open source and free, you can download here. / features / index.html
SupportAfter determining which ones you want to create their own android apps, then you need an additional tool that is used to run the main tool above.
  • JDK_Java SE Devlopment Kit, to get it you can download disni.
  • Android SDK, free of charge and can be downloaded here.
  • Read also tutoria installation of ADT-android Development Tool here.
  • Then install ADV – Android Virtual Device useful for testing your own android application
Turtorial android application development
After you install all the tools and software support, then for the last step is how to make android app to follow tutorial presented below. Please read the tutorial of making android apps from sources we provide. With the resources that we provide below, then you can create applications ranging from the simple to the complex.
How to Make Your Own Android Applications 
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