Apple And Dropbox Join Forces

Apple has been really busy lately. They have been topping surveys here and there, filing lawsuits with other companies who are trying to steal their secret formula, and of course, preparing to launch a lot of new devices for us to purchase. Aside from these however, Apple is also actively participating in the government – together with Dropbox. How? Just read on to find out.

Apple, Dropbox, and the Digital Due Process Coalition

Dropbox is an app that helps users who constantly forget their important files at home or from other computers. If you have multiple computers or different file storage devices, then you might want to consider downloading Dropbox. It’s a free app that connects all of your folders enabling you to access your files at any computer – even your friends computer (granting that he has Dropbox installed as well). All you have to do is to install the different corresponding apps for your gadgets. Once you have already finished the installation process, register for a free account online. Start uploading all of your files, or all the important files that you’ll need every day. After these processes, you now have all of your files accessible at any computer, OS, or iOS devices with Dropbox on them.

Going back, it has just been announced recently that Apple and Dropbox are joining forces with the Digital Due Process Coalition. This is an alliance of different organizations and companies related to the digital world. Some of their more know companies, are of course Apple, Dropbox, the American Civil Liberties union, and Amazon.

They are all working for a united effort for calling upon the government to improve the already existing, Electronic Communication Privacy Act. Did you now, that even way back in 1986 we already have such an act? However, ever since then, it has not been updated anymore – which is totally unacceptable given that the digital age has changed a lot since then.

Another problematic factor of this act is that it could even serve as a threat to the privacy of people instead of giving security. Up until today, the government can still track down our cellphones, open our personal emails, and access our instant messaging chats if they want to, without our consent, and knowledge. One of the reforms that the Digital Due Process Coalition is pushing for is the servicing of a search warrant before the government start to track down our personal digital accounts.

It is already final and proven that both companies – Apple and Dropbox, have already joined the Digital Due Process Coalition. However,.both companies have been very silent regarding their individual statements regarding these matters. In any case, it is still a step ahead. At least these companies are helping us fight for what is right, in this digital age, when its very easy for our rights to be abused. We could only hope for more companies to join the cause.

Finally, let’s not leave the fight for our digital rights to these companies. This cause is for us – the users. Hence, it’s not only the companies that should make the move, but we should join them as well.

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