Free iPhone 3g 3.0 IPSW Download

As you have bought your brand new iPhone 3G, to avail proper iPhone 3g 3.0 IPSW download, should be in most probability your primary concern. This is because, your iPhone, without proper iPhone software, would be rendered as useless, as a gun without bullets.

Since an iPhone is a multimedia GSM smart phone, with internet connectivity feature and involves minimal hardware interface, due to its multi-touch screen offering a virtual keyboard to the user; it is quite imminent that the phone is equipped with complex softwares. Apart from that, you may also be required to download a number of iPhone 3G softwares Update, in order to avail several of its features.

So, it is time for iPhone 3G owners to jubilate, since the iPhone 3G 3.0 software is available. The software update would enable faster browsing along with better location facilities. By way of an update you can avail an advanced “Contacts” feature. You also get an advanced multiple “Calendars” feature, which sends a new event, into a single default calendar of your choice, as and when you create it. You also get better password fields, which instead of displaying all *’s, displays the last letter typed by the user in clear text. This way, you instantly know that you have made a mistake, and you do not require erasing and starting over, in case your password goes wrong and gets rejected.

You also get better positioning facility, as the locator on the Google Maps, zooms out further, providing you with better and more accurate positioning for you. Also, the calculator feature gets switched to scientific mode, when you switch to landscape mode. Another interesting feature is that of the photos getting geo-tagged, by making use of the location facilities. Now you do not have to stress your brain regarding the location of a particular photo. You also get international keyboard support, which can prove to be quite useful, when you are globe trotting. So, in case you have more than one keyboard language activated, a globe icon shows up right next to a space bar on the keyboard. This enables you to toggle in between the languages. As a matter of fact, the advanced feature guesses the subsequent words, that you are likely to type, while you are typing the text.

As it is, you will come across a lot many sources through which you can avail an Free iPhone 3g 3.0 ipsw download. However, it is always advisable, to opt for an authentic source, so that you get value for your money. Please use the following download link from Apple to get the iPhone 3.0 IPSW: Download Here!

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