Elf Ur Face App Free for the iPod Touch

Everyone’s heard of the website Elf Yourself, the fun website where you get to turn yourself and your family into cheery, festive Christmas elves. The Elf Ur Face app works very similarly, but not exactly the same. You won’t get dressed up in cute little elf costumes and dance around to a Christmas carol, like you do on the site. But, you will be able to decorate yourself and your family and friends with holiday stickers and embellishments.

Choose any photo from your iTunes library, and bring it into the app. Once it’s there, you can then choose from the many, many stickers and other fun decorations that are in the app. Feeling Christmasy? Put some antlers on your head! Want to see how your Uncle Don would look as rudolph? Put a red nose on him – then put the antlers on his head! This silly little app isn’t really ingenious in any way, and it doesn’t take a lot to figure out. There are no levels or ranks to climb through, and you won’t collect any coins for having the best picture. But – it is a whole ton of fun!

Once you decorate a picture just to your liking, you can then share it with your friends. Because really, don’t they deserve to know how they’d look with neon green sunglasses, and with a cute Christmas saying coming out of their mouths? So just post it to Twitter or Facebook once you’re done with the picture and they’ll be able to see it. Of course, you’ll need an Internet connection to download them onto social networking sites but, we didn’t need to tell you that. Download the app here for free, and get into the Christmas spirit by elfing you and your friends!

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