The Yammer App for the iPhone

Do you manage an office and want a way for all of your employees to share documents with each other and communicate with each other, without having to sort through all kinds of emails in their Inbox? Office communication is integral to any good company – people simply need to know what other people are doing! And that’s why there’s the new Yammer app for the iPhone!

Yammer is a website that works much like Twitter – except it’s only for business professionals and office use. Just sign up to Yammer with a valid company email address, and you can join your company’s network. You’ll then have access to people’s status updates, see what they’re doing, who they’re talking to, and whatever else you need to be in the know about your company. And even if you already have a Twitter account and think that’s good enough, you might want to consider the additional features that Yammer has. These are things such as doing away with the 140 character limit that Twitter keeps you to, and the ability to attach a document to share right on your status update. So people don’t have to search for it, and you don’t have to send them somewhere else on the Web.

Of course, the Yammer app for the iPhone brings you all of this convenience right in the palm of your hand. So you can still be working and communicating with people in the office – even when you’re not there. If you can’t get enough of social networks, and you want to download the Yammer app, you can do so here. The app is free, and signing up to use the website is free. Of course, because there are many offices that will need to add extra people or use a higher volume of documents and such, there are paid plans that businesses can take advantage of to get even more out of their Yammer app!

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