Things Worth Knowing Before Buying the Video Genius iPod Touch Application

Video genius is an ipod touch application intended for use on various iPhone platforms. Most every iPhone on the market over the last two years will be able to use the video genius of software While the newer versions of iPhone’s come with the capability to capture video, the video genius of software helps with that process tremendously especially with older phones. Most phones also come with equipment that can capture stills photos as well as video, and the video genius program is usually intended for phones that can capture longer versions of video that may need editing.

The video genius ipod touch app program is extremely valuable to individuals that want to upload their video content on the Internet The video genius application is intended for individuals that want to capture video immediately and then later upload the video content for the world to see This program is intended for older phones that do not have the newest version of video capturing software. While it will not be as comprehensive as the newest technology, it will certainly do the job sufficiently so that people with older phones do not feel left out of the video capturing world.

The Video Genius app for iPod Touch brings up a full-screen viewfinder when it is launched. This is very similar to the standard still photo capturing equipment that comes with most iPhone models The user is capable of capturing it either in portrait or landscape style. Normally a person can capture between 40 and 60 seconds of video in each file. This is not going to be useful for people that want to give monologues for example however, multiple files can be blended into a larger file if people are looking to have longer videos available on the Internet. Most phones will automatically save when they are out of space to be able to continue recording on that given file.


Many users consider the performance of the application to be inconsistent. There is a habit within the application to stop recording even when there is sufficient space left on the memory card on the phone to hold video. This can be very frustrating especially when certain files have successfully recorded previously, and then the phone stops working for no known reason. There is an option available to use a longer recording time however doing so usually results in a much lower frame rate for the average user. If a person is not concerned with the frame rate they can capture several minutes of video without difficulty.

Certainly this application will not give perfect video quality. The average frame rate or normal video at 30 frames per second, that the peak of this application is approximately 12 frames per second. This means that the quality of the video will not be without noticeable low pixel quality upon equation. A longer video recording will show more pixel quality loss than shorter recordings. This application is certainly sufficient to record small clips, however if a person is looking to obtain high-quality video from their iPhone, a technology upgrade will be necessary in order to do so successfully. you could get this cool ipod touch app HERE.

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