Wait Is Over For The New iPhone 4

New iPhone 4. iPod Touch Games, The new iPhone 4 has been announced. It is revamped in more than just a few ways from the older 3GS and 3G models. Steve Jobs made the announcement with a bit of technical difficulty, but managed to get through just fine. Read on to find out the news on the newest iPhone.

The new iPhone 4 comes in the formal colors of black or white. The front and back is covered in glass, except for the rim of the iPhone that is manufactured in metal. The metal is actually part of an internal antenna. On the back is the five megapixel camera with LED flash. When the camera is being used for video, the light from the LED stays lit.

The screen is the thing everyone loves about the new iPhone 4. It is pumped up to 640 by 960 pixels. Combine that much clarity with the front facing video camera, and you will be able to see very fine details in the faces of those with whom you are talking. I can see I need to increase my stock in Mary Kay. Seriously, the new screen may be the same size as always, but it is a high performance item now. The iPhone 4 comes with a new operating system to take care of the video conferencing ability.

The size of the iPhone 4 is down to 9.3 millimeters thick. That is .37 inch for those of you in the United States. It is four and half inches tall, so pocketability is in. Fragility is also a new bother, though, as both sides of the iPhone 4 are covered in glass.

For now, you will be able to buy this iPhone for a starting price of $199 dollars, that is with contract option, you could choose to buy iphone 4 without contract too. That is the sixteen gigabyte model. Add one hundred dollars for the 32 gigabyte model. You should be able to find it at Best Buy and Radio Shack stores starting on June 24.

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