The Top 3 iPhone Apps to Save You Money

Who isn’t always looking for ways to save money? Keeping track of your money, trying to find areas where you could be saving it, and always knowing your financial goals are all great ways to help you save more money. And, as with everything else in life, for all of these things – there’s an app for that. And in fact, there are a few. We’ve tracked down the top three iPhone apps to save you money.

PocketMoney – With this app you can keep track of all of your cheques, and input all of your accounts to always keep an eye on them and know where you are financially-speaking. There’s also a budget feature that will help you prioritize where your money is going. The full version is a costly $4.99, which definitely won’t help you save, but there is also a Lite version, available free of charge here.

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Red Laser – There are tons of apps that have a barcode-scanning feature within them; but this app is by far the simplest and easiest of them to use. The only purpose of this app is to scan barcodes and give you the price of a product. So you don’t have to fiddle and search within the app to try and find the feature. Just open it up and you’re ready to go. Of course, this app also gives you other cool features such as giving you a comparison list of the same products at different stores. And, you can even email yourself the listing of prices so you can peruse them at your leisure once you’re off your feet and at home. The best thing about this app? It’s free!

DebtTracker Pro – This app lets you input your debt, make payment schedules that work for you to help you pay them off quickly, and lets you see how you’re doing in your financial goals. Unfortunately, this app costs $2.99 and even the lite version will cost you $0.99. Considering how much it’ll save you though, it might just be worth downloading here.

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