Best Apple iPad Cases

So, now that you’ve bought your brand new iPad, or you have plans to in the near future, there’s no doubt that you’re going to want to protect that brand new piece of equipment. And that’s why we’ve brought you the best Apple iPad cases.

The Apple iPad cases that are currently available range in every style from simple laptop-like slip covers that are made of neoprene and can be stashed into any bag or briefcase, to the new wood frame design and messenger-style bags that let you throw your iPad over your shoulder when you’re on the go!

The Skooba Wrap is one of my personal favorites. With this iPad case, you just lay your iPad in the center of a large square of fabric and just fold the edges over it and Velcro them together. It’s cute, it’s simple and it’ll keep your machine protected!

TempleBags also has a leather case that actually turns into a stand for your iPad. There are many different types of this design that allows you to prop up your iPad, so that it’s just like looking at a laptop! Along with the selection that TempleBags carry of these types, the Vers Wood Case also turns into a stand, as does the Quirky Cloak.

And if you’re looking for one of those no-fuss, no-muss models that holds your laptop, and that doesn’t have bulky pockets or tons of extras, these are available too. But the iPad Cases design has been taken up a notch, just like the Apple iPad itself, and you can now get them in things like the Bubble Design from Hard Candy!

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