Samsung And Microsoft Teams Up Against Apple

Apple has been working overtime making sure that their consumers are getting only the best quality of technology that they could offer. Aside from that they are also hearing out user requests and incorporating them on their new products hence, they are topping consumer-related surveys consecutively. Of course, there are the never ending product innovation, releases, and launches. Finally there’s their task of protecting what’s theirs like their creative ideas and unique concepts which entail suing a couple of companies here and there, and filing legal claims to make sure that they put their name on what they have developed.

Samsung Vs. Apple

This leads us to the topic at hand. There are basically two major companies that Apple has its eyes on. First there’s the Motorola. They have been rooting for Motorola for quite a time already however, Motorola has been recently bought by Google. With this, Motorola, in the simplest way put, lost its power so Apple wouldn’t be able to continue their suit against it because Apple would lose its credibility for pursuing an opponent that’s already not an opponent because it has evaporated already.

There’s the second big company that Apple has a bittersweet relationship with: Samsung. You can say that they are both friends and foes with Samsung. Apple has been winning the battle so far against Samsung but now Samsung is making big steps in order to battle with the giant that they have chosen to mess up with. Samsung is now teaming up with another giant, Microsoft.

What does this entail over the Samsung-Apple war? And what kind of help would Microsoft be able to give to Samsung?

Samsung has just cracked a deal with Microsoft giving them some right over Microsoft’s patents. They cannot really use Microsoft’s patents on their fight against Apple but it could substantially back them up. Samsung right now has over a hundred thousand patents world-wide and gaining this cross-licensing deal with Microsoft could be more beneficial to them as long as they work under the conditions of the deal.

Now this deal didn’t come cheap; Samsung will have to pay $180 million to Microsoft within the year. But if Samsung’s analysts are correct this would help boost their company big time.

In any case, let’s remember that Apple is not filing suit against the whole company together with all of its patents. Apple is just against their Android devices under the cause of infringing their wireless patents.

Apple has nothing to be worried about. Last time we checked Apple is still number one when it comes to sales and quality of devices. Meanwhile, it’s no doubt that Samsung is going to have increase of sales on its tablets and smartphones because of their partnership with Microsoft. Given this, as consumers, all we can do is to wait and see which of these huge companies win. We, as consumers, should decide on which company to trust when it comes to our digital needs. This in turn, is going to reflect on the result of this battle.

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