Men’s Love Confession Guide for Women iPhone App Full Review

Men’s Love Confession Guide for Women iPhone App Full Review

Hi Ladies,

“Do you want to know about Men’s Best Kept Secrets?”

“Do you want to know how to rock his Boat?”

“Do you dream about finding Mr. Right and True LOVE?”

“Are you often confused by Men’s Actions and wish to Understand them?”

“145 fully answered Questions based on real people and true stories!”

“It’s more than “He is just not that into you…”

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Most Men are not a$$holes, they are gentlemen indeed, and they are looking true love just like women are! Fundamentally, men look for the same thing as women, someone that attracts them and that someone who will satisfy all of their needs!

However, the problem is that men and women do have very different sets of standards and scoreboards. The key points to men and women’s attraction are essentially different. And most importantly a lot of times, what turns men and women on and off are completely different, or quite the opposite….. Two classic examples of the different thought process and nature between men and women are how men and women communicate; and how they look at s3x. This Men’s Love Confession Guide for Women iPhone App guide holds the key to a man’s heart, and to a 100% understanding of Men’s secrets!

love confession guide for women

Here is your answer and golden path to a fulfilling and loving lifestyle, have a look !!

This is MEN’S LOVE CONFESSION: ASK THE MEN NEXT DOOR Guide presented by Jan Nelson and Friends!!  So what makes this LOVE Guide so Special?

1) This App guide was written entirely by Men, hundreds of surveys & in-depth interviews were conducted in person and by email questionnaires before & during the process in order to reveal the best, truest LOVE, Dating, Marriage and Relationship related answers for Women.

2) Because we are all Men, and since we will never meet you in person, we could answer any sensitive & embarrassing questions about men with NO hesitation!! We will give you answers and Tips that we’ll never reveal to women we knew in real life.

3) This guide is packed with 145 fully answered Questions that’re eagerly and most frequently asked by Women. All questions, answers, examples, and scenarios were based on real people and true stories that had actually happened to myself, people I knew, and people who my friends knew personally; thus making the answers and Tips extremely practical and valuable.

I’ve also included a FAQ Chapter in the end and a Bonus Chapter on valuable Dating and LOVE Tips / Guideline for your quick reference before your next Date!

4) In this App guide we are going to unfold the following secrets and truth about Men: What do Men look for in a woman? What do Men really want? What do Men love & Hate? What turns Men On&Off? Why do Men do such things? What’s he thinking in different situations? I guarantee you that the answers will really surprise you and blow you away!!

5) The guide is packed with Secrets & hidden rules that Men only kept to themselves!! However, the scariest and saddest part is that if a woman ever violated these Men’s hidden rules to a point that has passed over his acceptable tolerance (his acceptable tolerance level is directly in proportion with how much he likes her), he might decide to just disappear on her, stop calling her, or never see her again.

6) When women have questions and doubts about Men, they go to their friends and sister for advice. Well, that’s great! But are you sure the girls really knew the correct answers to men’s heart? Are you sure your male friends really told you the truth without any holding back on truly essential but embarrassing Secrets? Now, we are going to answer all these Men & LOVE related questions once and for all!!

7) You are not just purchasing an App guide; you are actually acquiring a golden path to a fulfilling, new and Loving Lifestyle!! I am going to sell the exact content in eBook format on Amazon for $4.99 in October, 2011. I’m selling this App guide for .99 as to celebrate the release of our 1st App Guide.

After you’ve read this App, you might find the answers and the truth hard to bear and quite disturbing, some might even rip your heart out when you finally came to realize what was he really thinking about when he acted the way he did…

I always said to women that came to me for LOVE, relationship and Dating advices; that “the Best medicines are the ones that are Bitter!” This guide is meant to help women to truly understand Men, we hope you will absorb all of these bitter truth as your knowledge and strength, so you will know exactly how to deal with Men, how to handle them and rock their boats in the ways they wanted!

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Cheers and LOVE,
Jay Nelson & Friends

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