An iPod Touch App for Harry Potter Fans

Do you love Harry Potter? Have you ever dreamed of casting all those magical spells yourself, with your own magic wand? Now you can! But of course, because we’re here in Muggleland and not actually at Hogwarts Schools of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you won’t actually have a magic wand. But, your iPod Touch will do just as well. The app that will let you do it is the Harry Potter: Spells app, and it will allow you to practice over 17 spells, and then challenge your friends – to see who can turn who into a frog faster!

With this app, all you have to do is choose the spell that you want to master, and then practice, practice, practice. How do you perform the spell? Well of course, chant any lines, stanzas, or poems that the app identifies as being part of the spell, and then wave your iPod Touch around just as you would a magic wand. The app will tell you whether or not you’ve performed the app correctly. When you think that you’re ready to try out your skills on another wizard, find another Harry Potter fan that has the app on their device and challenge them to a duel. It’s easy, fun, and will take you away to a magical world for hours at a time!

The app was first advertised as being “free for a limited time.” But it was also released some time ago and is still available as a free download from iTunes. You can get it here, and then start casting any kind of spell you wish.

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