Dr. Awesome Plus+ App for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

As the name suggests the game is something to do with a Doctor, but don’t let the name get you because this Dr. Awesome Plus+ App totally rocks. Anyone who wants to enter the medical field or wants to experience what is it like to perform a surgery then this application is for you.

The format of the Dr. Awesome Plus+ipod touch game is very simple, you start of with being a young intern and then you have to cut and stitch your way up to become a pro surgeon. And the best part is that you as a user have to perform the operation yourself. Every level in Dr. Awesome iPod Touch Game is a new challenge with a new infected patient, where one has to operate by tilting the phone.

Dr. Awesome Plus+ App

To add to the fun of Dr. Awesome Plus+ ipad App each patient is pulled out from your very own address book. SO choose your patients carefully.

Dr. Awesome Plus+ App ipad iphone ipod touch

This Dr. Awesome Plus+ iphone game App requires the iPhone 2.1 software update, and then you are ready to go.
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Dr. Awesome


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