What Style of Wallpaper Background Should You Put on Your IPhone?

Different status items tell people a lot about us. Unfortunately we are a society that judges people from our external appearance before we get to know them. So the devices that we carry around with us tell people a lot about us. If the gadget is a low end item, then people will think that we are cheap or do not have a lot of money to spend. If the gadget that we have is a high end gadget, then people will think the opposite about us. Even how you decorate the gadget says a lot about you. This is especially true when you own an IPhone or iPod Touch. All of the IPhones come out of the manufacturers with basically the same look as all of the others. So we try to find ways to differentiate our phone from the other IPhone owners phones that are out there. One of the ways that we do this, is through the use of a new iPhone background for the phone. What iPhone or iPod Touch background you use says a lot about you. So what kind of message are you trying to portray?

It all depends on what environment do you use the phone most in. Are you using the iphone at work? Or are you using it in a casual atmosphere where most people are not going to be paying attention to what wallpaper is on your iphone. There is a big difference on how your phone should look depending on the situation. If you are at work, then your phone should have a mild background that does not cause that much attention. The last place that you need to stir up controversy is at work, and there are some wallpaper backgrounds out there that would do nothing but. So you must make sure that you keep it casual when you are at your job. You also do not want to offend anyone that you are working with as well. These days, people will go to the head of human research development very quickly and complain about something that they don’t like. Make sure that the background on your phone does not make you a target.

If you are using your iphone outside of the office mostly, then you can go wild with what you want to put on your iphones background. There are many different places where you can get a cool looking background for your phone, you just have to look on Google and check it out. There are backgrounds for anybody’s interest. Backgrounds such as sports, movies, music, and any other entertaining things that you can think of. There are also places where you can order a custom background theme for your IPhone. I do not know if you want to go this far but some people do.

Having the most appropriate background wallpaper for your iphone is a very smart move. While you are at work, you do not want to offend anyone. But while you are at home or out in the public, you do not want your phone to bore you to death. Pick a nice compromise and go with it.

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