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Apple announced their next iPhone OS 4.0 with many innovative features that will change the world of mobile computing through it. Among the lists of many attribute the most significant one is iAd that Apple is bringing in their Mobile and portable device to collect advertisement revenue from it. iAd is an iPhone application that is capable of showing ads inside any application or game and when users click that advertisement, Apple and the published both get revenue from it.

iAd iPhone app will be used in mobile likewise normal ads are displayed in PC while browsing via internet, only difference is that it will also be available inside third party applications and games that means the possibility of clicking the advertisement is multiplied by some counts. Normal ads navigate away from the webpage to open in a new window and sometimes change the page itself to open the advertisement, but iAd will open in that same screen of the application or game and will open in full screen, also will be flexible enough to close the ad by the touch of a slight fingertip.

Developers of Apple iPhone OS 4.0 applications and games are in a liberty to integrate ads in their creation, and Apple will deliver that advertisement wirelessly to user’s PC. For this specific purpose Apple bought the ‘Quattro Wireless’ that is the second leading mobile advertisement delivering company after ‘AdMob’ which was bought by their rival, Google. Apple will show ads in designed apps and games apart from WebPages, and when users click those ads, it will share 40% revenue gathered from that shown ad with the developer.

There was mobile advertising facility from a long time and Google was the leader of it but it was limited to show ads in WebPages, not inside applications or games. Also, the advertisement navigation is one sided, it creates problem if the users try to go back to previous page from where the ad was clicked. The iAd will not only overcome these issues but it presents a unique way of showing ads to users that may change the mobile advertisement revenue market in the times to come.

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