The Good and Bad of Quickpwn 2.2.1

What is Quickpwn? Those who are new to it let me tell you it is software or a pwnage tool for iTouch users, which allows you to run third party applications on your iTouch with or without hassles. Since everyone cannot afford to buy applications, there comes in the part of piracy and in terms of iPhone and iTouch users it is known and jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking is when the software you are installing replaces files of the original firmware with its own. The good part of quickpwn is that its is one of the best pwnage tool in the market and has very less reports of bricking your iTouch.

Its been days since Apple released their 2.2.1 update and the Quickpwn team has already released their jailbreak hack for it. One wonders, what and how does jail breaking you iPod help? The answer is very simple after jail breaking your gadget you can install and use third party apps freely without any hassles, which are available from the iTunes store.

This jailbreak is though not recommended for iPhone 3G users right now nut iTouch users can use it freely. People who have been using the iTouch will have a clear-cut idea so as to what quickpwn as a pwnage tool can do.

The Bad part is that quickpwn was firstly available only for Mac user but is now available for windows users too. One can get a brief guide on the following link how to install quickpwn on their iTouch –

An iTouch user using this tool for the first time will have the following questions which includes the good’s and bad’s of quickpwn, and these frequently asked questions are sure to solve out the problem –

Q.1) Is Quickpwn a complete firmware flash, or just like an unlock?
Ans.1) Quickpwn hacks into the firmware to replace a few files and adds a few so it’s more a hack then a firmware flash.?
Q.2) Can the iTouch be reverted back to the original firmware?
Ans.2) The answer is very simple; it can be restored using iTunes.
Q.3) Can the iTouch still be updated when new official firmware’s come out?
Ans.3) Yes, it can be restored and reused and the user can even jailbreak the new firmware as soon the jailbreak is released.
Q.4) Are there actually any specific advantages or disadvantages in jailbreaking an iTouch?
Ans.4) There are lots of advantages in jailbreaking your iTouch if you cannot afford the applications and install them the other way round. Third Party Application will run easily. But as such disadvantages are very less unless one installs it in the wrong way and then suffers.

The amazing application that developers are coming out with leaves the users spellbound and actually after seeing them wants to possess them somehow and jailbreaking seems the only option out.

Though one has to personally use a jail broken iPod variant to find out what actually the consequences are but it sure is worth a try.

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