3 Great iPad Apps for Healthcare Managers

Most people understand the impact mobile technology has on personal lives. From shopping to navigation to social networking, consumers are going mobile with their smartphones and iPads for just about everything. The effect mobile devices have on industries such as healthcare is less obvious to the layperson. Today, technology allows nurses to chart at the bedside and doctors to conduct virtual consultations with specialists. Applications exist for the iPad that will help healthcare managers stay on top of industry updates and other critical news information.

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Outbreaks Near Me

In the role of healthcare manager, it is critical to know what is going on locally and around the world that may affect the facility operation and the safety of patients. This app from HealthMap provides detailed information on potential epidemics from all over. Outbreaks Near Me shows real-time neighborhood data that alerts medical communities of local contingents such as swine flu. It includes a map of risk situations in lesser developed countries like Africa or India, as well.

The interface provides a search function that allows professionals to check for a specific illness to see the most recent report. The application data comes from a network of healthcare professionals and organizations. It allows any user to report a potential contagious case directly from their mobile device. Outbreaks Near Me is available at no cost from iTunes.

FDA Mobile

It is critical for a healthcare manager to stay current on the information coming from the Food and Drug Administration. With this in mind, the FDA offers a mobile application that provides access to all the latest announcements. The data coming via FDA Mobile includes vaccination info from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and The World Health Organization. This app covers active warnings, recalls for drugs and medical products, safety alerts, and drug shortages.

FDA Mobile has a search engine that provides the healthcare administrator with a tool to answer questions about supplies, drug protocols and consumer health. The app is available for free download from Apple.


Medscape is for the healthcare manager who needs a comprehensive mobile guide for the iPad. Medscape is a web resource used by physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. The site provides access to the National Library of Medicine’s MEDLINE database as well as a news section that shows recent advancements and clinical studies.

With this application, healthcare managers can check for drug information via the Medscape Drug Reference database. This site that includes a drug interaction checker.

Information on Medscape of interest to the healthcare administrator includes Continuing Medical Education, or CME, daily medical news and coverage for major international conferences. The site offers peer reviewed articles about ways to improve efficiency, details on current medical products and trends in consumer health and healthcare protocols. Healthcare managers can customize the interface to cover vital topics such as insurance plans for the area.

Medcape is part of the WebMD Professional Network. The site promises to provide rich content specific to the medical community. The mobile application is available for download from iTunes at no cost. Registration is necessary to customize the application.

Mobile technology is changing the way healthcare professionals get information and communicate with each other. Having the most effect tools on hand is vital for the healthcare manager. With mobile technology, the healthcare professional has access to everything necessary to stay informed simply by using the iPad.

Jenna Cannon is a hospital administrator and guest author. She recently contributed to the online guide to Masters in Health Administration Degrees.

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