Best Finance Applications for iPod Touch

Finance Applications are made for business people and entrepreneurs who are always on the run and tackle financial problems on the run. If we broadly look at the best ipod touch applications that are available for financial purposes then –

bloomberg iphone app
Bloomberg – Apart from the default stocks tool that comes on the ipod touch, this application, which is free of cost, is very useful. This tool provides headlines, a running stock market ticker, which is constantly updated through your network. This application also helps you to build your very own portfolio and keep track of your portfolio. Constant updates save you from switching on the TV or calling your broker. Basic research and keeping track of the stock market is really easy with the help of this tool. get this Free Finance App Here.

Mint.Com Finance – Want to manage all your finances at one place? Then this is one application you would want to possess. If you don’t want various applications to manage your financial data then is one application, which is really useful to take care of all your financial data together. Though at times various questions are raised about the security of these data aggregation software’s but nonetheless it’s worth a try. Get this Personal Finance app here.

At&T Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking – Several different banks operating in the North American circle have tied up with network provider AT&T, to provide a simple tool which helps customers to use online banking facility. The application allows you to check your account balance, online bill payments and also pinpoint the nearest located ATM’s. So sitting anywhere you can easily finish you bill paying chores and that too with just a single click. get this Mobile Banking demo on At&T here.

My Budget iPhone
My Budget Money Management – Budgeting is by far one of the most important aspects in everyone’s life and this tool is a simple application that has been put together to help Apple users. This tool helps you to divide your expenditure in categories and allocate them. Some categories come in by default and the rest have to be fed in. If you have a Mac then this software is really handy as you can also use it on your Mac and also update the application on your portable device. Get this iPhone App here.

bankarama iphone
Bankarama Lite – This ipod touch application is basically a ledger accounting system. Very useful to keep track of your bank account usage, so that you don’t end up over drafting your account. Every transaction can be entered and obviously it automatically shows you the balance. So ledger on the run is here and that too in a very simple interface. Get this Great Finance iPhone App here.

Grocery IQ iPhone
Grocery IQ Cost – Shopping on the run is one of the most common things that business people do and this application obviously is one which works wonders for them. Just type in the first three letters and the rest of it will be added to your grocery list and that too according to different categories. If you shop from a particular market then this tool will help you divide your items into aisle so that you don’t miss out on anything while you shop. So before you shop next time have this application ready.
Grab this Best Finance App for your iPhone and iPod Touch Here.

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  1. Hi there,
    Are all of these apps absolutely fabulous!! They save us time, money and most mistakes that we might have made. Our bank has the at&t app and we love it. Makes like so much easier and you can stay on top of every transaction. I also liked Bloomberg and will check it out. Thanks.

  2. There’s this other app like’s app that lets you track your investment portfolios from all your brokerages in one place. Its really cool because I can view my portfolios from all accounts on one page. Only problem is I can’t make investments using those. Do you know an app that lets me do that?

  3. I use Bloomberg to as a source of information, however as an active investor I’m also intrested to have some guidance before buying or selling shares.
    And therefore I use iSignals its a great tool and works just fine for me

  4. Everyday, I have to get updated share market news as I am involved in trading business. So, to keep me updated all the time, I use Bloomberg application for my IPod. This is really a very helpful application, specially for the businessman.

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