How to Sync Android With Windows Media Player

How to Sync Android With Windows Media Player You know android right? It is no doubt that a lot of the Android OS is used in smartphones that use operating system services or touchscreen touch screen phone or tablet either. Due to the use and operation is easy to make the user addicted crazy on display are provided. Android took the linux kernel where there are a lot of features and sophistication that is given. Not only the standard features, you can also maximize the install some applications from the play store, in order to gain new knowledge and experience the difference in operating android. Some features built in provided, you can also use more imagination in such a sophisticated OS.
How to Sync Android With Windows Media Player
How to Sync Android With Windows Media Player
In Store Play a lot of promising applications, whether it’s a photo editor, office, music player and many more thousands of applications on it. Some are free and some are paid, depending on which one you want to select (usually does not need to be asked who you would prefer free)You can also connect the device to a PC or better known as synchronization or connection. With this process, you can copy or view the files whether it be a song or a movie. Android really does make everything easier and everyone is able to do so. However, in that connection, you must provide a means of USB cable into the connection of the PC with Android. It is readily available when you purchase the device.In our post this time, we will talk briefly about how to connect android tips and more precisely with the computer synchronization with Windows Media Player. Do not worry, because this procedure and we summarize simple possible so you do not have difficulty in applying it. Curious? Here comes the tutorial …!Steps and tutorials Splicing / Sync:
  • For the first thing, of course you have to connect your Android to the computer with a USB cable media that we mentioned above. You have to pay attention so as not to shake the socket and detached.
  • Most in making a connection, then a notification tone aka, unlike us to plug in an external flash or hard drive. Android tighter security, so to proceed, you need to allow your computer to access the android connection by pressing menu and click connect.
  • Well after android is connected, the next step is to perform the settings on the computer by pressing the Start button (usually displayed at the bottom left corner) and select Programs and Windows Media Player. (This step we try on WinXP)
  • Windows Media Player opens, then you are required to select a tab “Sync”
  • By doing sync, you can mark or draw directly on the file you want to sync with your android Sync List Sync is in tan.
  • For the final step, you can just click the “Start Sync” to perform a synchronization of files that you select in WMP to your android.
Easy enough right? You can immediately try out – try to practice yourself at home. But you have to be – careful in deciding your USB connection. Fear files in micro sd you lost or even worse can be locked micro sd. To guard – guard, disconnect the appropriate procedure. Ejeck used from a computer, continue to do end the connection from android. Wait until the scan is finished a new micro sd unplug. Yeah … good luck!
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