How to Disable SMS on Android

How to Disable SMS on AndroidAndroid is an OS that uses the Linux kernel which is a variation or alteration of a system that used a computer into a special design so that it can be used in Mobile devices and tablets. Linux is an open source OS that is able to manage code and software developed by many users. And now, Android is not responsibility – responsibility again in its use. There are so many who claim that it is easy to operate and has a lot of the developer community, both in the application and the version of the OS. Android is a lot of versions and levels, such as Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Kitkat and others – others. So the developers, not stop – stop the issuing of applications that can be operated in the android device.
How to Disable SMS on Android
How to Disable SMS on Android
Due to the uniqueness and convenience, many companies are using the OS in a new output device. No half – hearted, even a majority of the company admitted that the OS is most in demand by smartphone users. As well, Samsung, Mito, Sony, Polytron, Acer and many others. Even in a blackberry was implanted a linux kernel though not 100% so users can also install or install and come to enjoy the beauty of using the application of android.
In any version of android that you have, there are some things that make it all annoying, one of which is the SMS notification service is very disturbing. So the notification bar filled by the arrival of the sms that do not know how long sms inbox is already occupied and have not had time to read. So much so that third-party applications that use a more complete and detailed in arranging or managing anything that is not needed. And more privacy than the default android obtain these directly.
However, did you know that before you perform the installation of third party applications, there are several things you need to do is disable the default default android sms service. Because if it is not done, there will be a clash between the incidence of third-party applications and the default android default application in general. Actually, the application can be installed directly from the play store or other sources. But to avoid a crass, it would not hurt if you do the steps – steps below.
Some of these steps is a little guide on how to disable the default sms on android. We listened well to avoid missteps!
  • In the initial view, you will be shown a menu with some widgets, such as the date and time clock, google search, menu bar under such a call, contact, message and go to the menu bar (this is the default view of android) to perform a rare early, press the bar messages the white envelope bearing.
  • Once the message is opened, press option, and you will be presented a display board, remove the thread, and you should look for is the setting press.
  • In the display settings, there are many more settings shown! Do not press random to receiving messages on your android remained normal for one step.
  • The next step is only the tick throw contained in the automated search, the search automatically searches cruising, and notifications.
By removing all the tick found on the steps that we provide, then the default sms service on your android has been successfully deactivated. Do not be afraid to try new things. And congratulations to install third-party applications your message. Good luck …!
How to Disable SMS on Android 
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