How to Forward Calls on the iPhone

For whatever reason, you need to forward the incoming calls on your iPhone to another number. But, looking at that little shiny device in the palm of your hand, you’re sure that it’s going to be way too complicated and just forego it, missing out on important calls. If you’ve ever done this, truthfully, you’re going to kick yourself when you find out how easy it is to forward calls on your iPhone.

All you really have to do is find the “Settings” icon on your iPhone, tap and choose “Phone”, and then “Call Forwarding.” You can then enter the number that you want your calls forwarded to and voila! You’re done! When you’re finished, and ready to start taking calls directly on your iPhone again, you can go back into that same menu and turn call forwarding off. Easy as pie, and a wonderful solution if you only need to use call forwarding every now and then.

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But if you need to use call forwarding a lot, there’s an even more efficient way to forward calls on your iPhone – that’s with GSM codes. GSM codes are wonderful little shortcuts that you can plug right into your iPhone and have many features available right at your fingertips. Aside from call forwarding, there are tons of options that you have using GSM codes.

To use GSM codes to forward calls on your iPhone, first open the “Phone” function on your iPhone. Tap on the “Keypad” tab and enter the appropriate codes without quotes:

“**21*123-456-7891” (this being the number you’ll want the calls forwarded to) Entering this code will register the phone number that you want calls to be forwarded to.

“*21#” Entering this code will activate the call forwarding feature and will redirect calls to whichever phone number you registered.

“#21#” Entering this code will deactivate the call forwarding feature and will have you picking up calls on your iPhone once again.

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GSM codes can be true lifesavers on the iPhone and once you use them, you’ll keep looking for more ways to take advantage of them!

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