How to get Siri on iPhone 3GS?

Siri is the latest gadget that Apple have brought to the world but currently, it is only available on the newly released iPhone 4S. This has come as a disappointment to many of the owners of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS devices but over the last few weeks; some iPhone 4 users have managed to get the app on their device. Now, it is said that you can actually get the Siri feature on the iPhone 3GS as well.

On the iPhone 4, it is possible to get Siri to be installed by jailbreaking the phone and then downloading the necessary software. This is not for everyone to be able to do of course but it works pretty well on the iPhone 4. Now, it is said by some developers that after doing similar things on the iPhone 3Gs, it is possible to get Siri to work on the phone. According to the reports, you will need to jailbreak the phone once again and alter a number of things. The problem with the iPhone 3GS is that it is a little slower than the iPhone 4 and a lot slower than the iPhone 4S so therefore, Siri doesn’t work to well on the device.

Apple has recently announced that it has no plans to bring the Siri functionality to the iPhone 4 so it certainly will never come to the iPhone 3GS. If you want it, it looks like you will have to hack your phone.

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