Guide on iPhone Car Integration

iPhone car integration has now become a very easy job. Almost all car manufacturers are now offering their clients the possibility to integrate their iPhone into their driving experience. This procedure is as easy as doing anything simple and connecting it to your car will just steal only few minutes of yours. More than 90% of the new cars that are sold come with the back end support to give access to the iPhone. It is far easier than connecting it to one’s computer. The cars have the option for easy iPhone connectivity thus enhancing a whole lot of safety features though the iPhone is said to be the best phone in the market it actually doesn’t work properly with many of the car integration accessories.

The problem of course is that no single device, cable or solution that will manage calls, music, and charge your iPhone’s battery simultaneously. iPhone only lets you take calls with bluetooth, the headphone port, or its speakers, not the bottom dock connector. Once if you get a call while the phone is integrated to the car and when the music is being played you have to first switch the music off and then attend the call.
This is the limitation in the iPhone car integration.

Here are some Best and Simple Guide on iPhone Car Integration 2009:

1. The Complete Guide to iPhone Car Integration By Jeremy Horwitz
You will get 4 Best Solutions: The Budget Solution, The Obvious Solution, The Tape Deck Solution, and The Optimal Solution.

2. A Simple iPhone Car Stereo Integration Video:

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