How to Backup iPhone

Backing up of vital data seemed to be pain for me not until a few days back. I did not see the need to back up my data until the day my iPhone fell down in water and the iPhone got destroyed. When the apple store declared my iPhone to be destroyed beyond repair capability , It immediately struck to me that with this iPhone, I had lost clue of more than 700 business contacts , my favorite music and yes, my last vacation photographs were also lost for ever. Could I have done anything to avoid this? This was just the beginning. With every passing day, I realized that the loss cannot even be assessed.

Accidents can happen with any one, but I realized that a regular synchronization and a backup of iphone data could have saved me from a lot of trouble. The next day after having purchased a new set, I started with learning how to backup the iPhone.

While it is not feasible to backup the entire iPhone, please ensure to backup the following on a regular basis (depending on how frequently that data is updated)

1. My contacts on iPhone – get into the habit of regularly exporting contacts to your windows or mac address book. There are several format available for storing your backup contact details. The author prescribes CSV (Comma separated values) format as it is easier to export this format to several email service provider domains and requires very less storage space.
2. My photographs – You can use Microsoft scanner and camera wizard to help you with this. You can also back up the pictures manually.
3. My Music – No specific wizards are available for this , you will have to back up your music manually.
4. Emails – This can be protected from being destroyed by regular archiving of mails and saving a copy of the archive on your PC.
5. Bookmarks – this would depend on the browser that you are using in your iPhone. Check in the help center for the respective browsers.
6. Phone settings – This could be manually jotted down and kept in a separate word file for future references.
7. Passwords- This would also have to be backed up manually as no wizards are available for them.

Remember that you can backup virtually any data or application on your iPhone manually (if specific wizards are not available for that). This could include backing up of your wallpapers, calendar list, SMS messages, podcast history, notes, email account settings etc. So when backing up your iPhone, it is advisable to go through your entire work and see what is most valuable for you. This needs to be backed up on priority.

And just In case you still feel lazy to be doing all these , please do a one time comprehensive backup of the entire data and then switch on the Auto synchornisation rules for every occasions when the iPhone is connected to the PC. Auto synchronization will not take much time and will ensure that all the materials on your iPhone have a ready made copy available on your computer. I could have learned this how to backup iphone before but I had to learn it the hard way.

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