5 IPhone Apps Designed To Help You Get & Stay Fit

Think it is a bit odd that a mobile phone app could help you take care of your health and get fit? Not so different. There are apps that give you actually alarms and key you to working out. You can see videos on you mobile phone that will actually walk you through exercise routines. Try out some of the best apps available that will help you get fit and keep you that way.

According to the University of Cincinnati College for Nursing it has been said that smartphones move health from the hospital or doctor’s office to you home.

There are plenty of apps on the iPhone that can help you reach your fitness goals. Here are some of the ones you may want to try.

5 Best Health Apps

Excess weight and obesity cost the medical industry millions of dollars and cost you personally at least hundreds of dollars more a year. Health care costs are not cheap and those who have excess weight will garner more health problems as time goes on.

Lose It! Is a free app available for iPhone and Androids that help you monitor your intake and outgo. If you are eating on the go, scan the bar code on the food packages and record calorie information. Lose It! will send back the “real” ingredients.

It is a trend to read food package labels to see the number of calories, carbs, and fats plus sugars in a food. If you see the word “healthy” on a food package. This may be just a marketing gimmick to justify charging higher prices. Use Fooducate to decode nutation labels. You may find that your favorite foods are just as nutritious and health as the “healthy” alternatives.

Fooducate will also give you options to provide options in making better food selections that is healthy and wise. Apps available for iPhones and Android models.

Use RunKeeper, a free app for iPhone and Android as well as BlackBerry to keep track of all the stats regarding your exercise or running program. You will be able to see a complete breakdown of calories burned, how far you ran, and how fast you ran.

RunKeeper is almost like a personal trainer at the gym. You can also synchronize this app with your Facebook page and start up a little friendly competition with friends.

Utilize SpotCheck available for free on iPad, IPhone and Android to find out if you have skin cancer or are in danger of a skin lesion turning into cancer. With this apple you can check out problematic spots ASAP before they become an actual problem.

Snap a photo of your mole, email it, and your mole will be analyzed by a board certified dermatologist within 24 hours. Peron to person visits are the best diagnostic tools, but if you can get a diagnosis quickly you will have better peace of mind and know to quickly get into a dermotologist.

PostureScreen Mobile does cost $9.99 and it can be loaded on the iPad, IPhone, and Android. If you have back pain this is a great app to determine if poor posture is the problem. Posture issues are not obvious and this app can actually analyze your posture and give you tricks to a healthier posture. PostureScreen was develop by physical therapy professionals to analyze your front and side photos and point out problems.

One of the most awesome features of PostureScreen is the personalized workout that can be developed. . Email your trainer or doctor a PDF of the results.

Medical Apps Are Great Too

Mobile phone medical apps are not designed to be replacements for actual medical intervention, but they can give you an idea of what you need to do.

James Lunn is a freelance writer who is also a personal trainer. He has written many articles on staying healthy and fit for websites, print, and ebook form.

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