Free iPhone Games; Sally’s Spa Lite

The ‘Sally’ brand of iPhone games has become quite a well known brand on the devices and there are now a few games that all feature the sally name and are created by the same company. In Sally’s Spa, you will have the chance to run your own spa as the character; Sally and you will be in charge of absolutely everything from fitting out your Spa with certain equipment to ensuring that your customers leave happy.

The lite version of Sally’s Spa will allow you to play a few levels of the game before you will be promoted to pay for the full version and this is enough to see what the game is actually like. The game is very well designed and has great graphics and your job in the game is to make sure all of your customers are happy from their treatments. The game gets harder as the levels progress and you will be able to upgrade your Spa with the money you earn. There are different scores you can get in the game including an Expert score from the levels.

As you progress through the game, you will open up spa’s all over the world including in New York, London and many other locations. The game has hours of game plan when you buy the full version although the lite version will give you a decent amount of game play too.

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