Instant Messaging Application for Mac: Adium

Instant Messaging Application for Mac: Adium


Adium is an instant messaging software for Mac for free and open source, you can connect with AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, Facebook Chat, MySpace Messenger, IRC and many other clients.

It also supports tabs, instant messaging for Windows that has a feature today. The only thing, I think it’s a text-only instant messaging application so that no audio and video support. All other features are fantastic. Supports 27 languages.

Adium uses a plugin architecture, many essential features of the program are actually provided by plugins in the application package. These plugins include features such as file transfer, support for Growl notification system, Sparkle for program updates, and support for encrypted e-mail the library Off-the-Record Messaging.

Adium is highly customizable using the resources of its developers call “Xtras. ” The program can be customized through the use of hundreds of third party Xtras to modify the appearance of emoticons, icons, dock, contact list styles, styles and messages. Adium also be improved by using different sets of sounds. AppleScripts can also be used to automatically change the behavior in response to certain triggers


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