The Best iPhone Accessories

Want to make your iPhone even cooler and totally unique? Then you need the best iPhone accessories. There are a ton of accessories for the iPhone whether you want to hook it up to a dock, watch movies from it on your TV, or just carry it around in a really cool case. Here are some of the accessories that we consider to be some of the best.

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone Case – If you’re constantly dropping your iPhone, this case will give you far more than any of those other slim cases. This case has been featured on YouTube being dropped from extremely high buildings, only to reveal a perfectly fine iPhone when the testers get to the bottom. The price at $49.95 is pretty steep but if you think that’s worth the price of protection, you can get it directly from Otterbox’s website.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit – If you’re a workout freak and love your iPhone too, this is the kit for you. It of course lets you use your iPhone in any manner you want while working out, but it will also keep track of things like how many calories you’ve burned, the distance you’ve traveled, and the speed you did it all at. And, it’s all a beauty of a bargain at all $29.00, available from the Apple Store.

Sidewinder Deluxe iPhone Case – Normally we wouldn’t list two of the same cases on a “Best Of” list, but this one’s so different in function and so unique-looking that we couldn’t not mention it. What’s so different about the case? It has handy little hooks to wind your headphone buds around when you’re not using them. Not so cool if you don’t use bud-type earphones but, really cool if you do! These are available for $34.99 from MARWARE.

Game Grip for iPhone – Perhaps one of the coolest iPhone gadgets this year, and definitely something that every gamer is sure to fall in love with. This gadget is designed like a gaming controller and that’s exactly what it turns your iPhone into after you fit your phone into the center of the Game Grip. Very cool, and available from MARWARE for only $44.99.

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