Justin.tv App for iPod Touch

If you’re getting sick of YouTube, or just want a different way to check out some cool streaming video, there’s now the Justin.tv app for the iPod Touch. No, this app isn’t an app that’s all about Justin Bieber, as we thought it might be (let’s face it, that kid’s everywhere these days.) Nope, it’s just an app that will let you do the same thing that YouTube does – upload your own videos and check out what other people are doing. And for those who love watching amateur videos, the more options the better!

With the app, you can take video right with your iPhone (or your new iPod Touch 4), and upload it right to Justin TV. And of course, you can also check out what other people are uploading. The new update to this app actually has the videos listed in different categories. So you don’t have to worry about looking through massive amounts of video just to find the kind that you want. You can also look at the videos over WiFi or a 3G network.

Many users have also said that the update has allowed the app to work better than the Justin.tv website works and that it’s significantly less choppy and you won’t miss a thing. And, the app also lets you chat directly with viewers who are watching your video. So you can find out what they like, and what you can improve on next time. Best of all, just like the Justin.tv website, this app comes completely free, and you can download it here.

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