Fit And Fabulous: 8 Apps That Can Help You With Your Fitness Needs

The hardest thing about keeping fit is tracking progress, sticking to a routine, staying motivated and knowing how to improve. While some people might be able to do all this off the top of their head, most of us need a little help from technology these days to keep us on track. These 8 apps will put an end to any excuse for not exercising.


This fun app will help motivate you and your friends to go the gym. A simple premise, Fitsby gets you to bet money with a group of friends. You decide on the amount you want to wager, and the pot goes to the person who checks into the gym the most during a period of time. If you’re not into gambling, then you’re not forced to as using real money is optional.

Touchfit: GSP

Some people can only dream of being trained by MMA World Champion Georges St-Pierre. Well, this app can’t replace such a rare opportunity, but it definitely comes close. St-Pierre will act as your work out coach in this iOS-only app which can be tailored to your fitness level and helps you improve from there. With a mat, a resistance band and this app, you’ll be building strength in no time.

Nike+ Running

A simple but effective and popular app for tracking your daily runs, this app provides you with all the stats that you need. It uses GPS to track the distance run, time, pace and the amount of calories you burned. It also offers positive reinforcement with cheering crowds to keep you running towards your fitness goals.


Keeping track of your exercises is almost worthless if you don’t keep track of what you eat. This calorie counter is simple and quick to use compared to similar apps on the market. This is not only convenient but very effective, as the bigger the chore it is to use, the less likely you are to use it. With a large database of international foods, you’ll easily track your calorie intake.

Twenty Chinups

For those who want to improve their strength, this app, along with Two Hundred Sit-Ups and Hundredpushups, will get you bragging to your friends in no time. This six week program incrementally increases the reps and challenges of your exercises and with a timer, it’ll help you reach your target effectively.

Couch to 5K

If you are someone who forgets to move while constantly playing computer games, then this is the app for you to get you moving. This app makes the commitment to get you off the couch with the goal of running five kilometres without stopping in 9 weeks. It’s great for aspiring runners who are tired of being unfit, but are finding it difficult to get started.

The Personal Trainer

If you’re one of those people who find it difficult to follow verbal instructions when doing exercises or isn’t sure if what they’re doing is correct, then this app is a great help. With videos showing you exactly how you should be exercising, you’ll find it easy to do exercises correctly without hurting yourself.


An expansive database of over 300 exercises and 20 routines, this is probably the most comprehensive exercise program on the market. It allows you to record reps, weight and sets and also lets you track your weight, waist-line and BMI.

Adrian Rodriguez is a freelance writer and fitness enthusiast. He uses a number of these fitness focused app on his new iPhone he picked up from Flexirent and has found he is now on the bright, motivated path to a healthy lifestyle.

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