What Jobs Left Behind: Internet Integrated TV?

Steve Jobs is dead. Steve Jobs maybe one of the greatest men in the world when he was still alive but he’s gone, and there’s nothing we can do to take him back. All we can do is to accept that he’s gone and stop thinking about what’s going to happen if he was still here, because the more we think about it, the more we discover how such a big loss his death was.

We can however, hold on to what he has left us, and we’re not talking about the new chief executive Tim Cook, we’re talking about the projects that he has left. His plans, his dreams, those are things that we could still hold on too and hope for Cook to still pursue even without Jobs.

An Apple Television Set?

One of the most popular among the rumors of the projects that he has left behind is an internet integrated TV. Rumors about Apple coming up with their own TV set has been on and off these past few years, and now it has reincarnated not only with his death, but also with the biography recently written by Walter Isaacson. It is said to be Steve’s most detailed and accurate biography to date. Steve Jobs is a really secretive person, and it is said that Isaacson was able to squeeze a lot from him when he was still alive, and some more when he died.

It’s guaranteed that it’s going to be a big hit, but what about the information shared there about future launches, and the projects that Steve has left behind? If we’re talking about an Apple TV, then there’s definitely something there about a TV. We’re not even talking about the box here, we’re talking about an actual television set made by Apple.

I totally believe that the TV is already made, and it’s tucked away hidden within the dark depths of Apple’s headquarters, however I also believe that it hasn’t been released nor introduced because the world is not ready for it yet. Do you guys still remember the launch of the iPod. Almost everyone in the music industry rejected the thought of having their songs get downloaded online. It was a strong blow on album sales, but look at where we are right now. Albums are still being launched, while downloading songs via iTunes felt like second nature.

It’s the same thing with the emergence of the iPhone. It was overwhelming having programs called apps on your phone, especially when the usual function of phones were only for sending messages, receiving calls, and letting it take pictures sometimes. It was kinda hard to imagine back then how the App Store is going to  grow. There were just a number of apps. Steadily though, the apps grew in number, and now we have thousands.

What we’re saying is just that we’re going to know when the Apple TV is going to come out once we see television shows available for download, or movies for that matter. When the Apple TV comes out, it’s going to be awesome, maybe more but never the less.

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