iPhone Money Saving Apps: Free & Cheap

The iPhone’s App Store revolutionized the way people use their phones, and there are more than a few Apps on the market that can do the same for consumers’ expenses. Here are just a few Apps that can help to turn an iPhone into a money-saving machine:

Free Apps:

  • Scandit: With Scandit, comparing prices around town easier than every before. Scandit allows users to take photos of barcodes on literally anything, from groceries to electronics, and quickly provides price comparisons to the leading sellers of that item. Scandit saves users time, as well as money at the check out counter and at the gas pump.
  • Yard Sale Mapper: Yard Sale Mapper is a bargain hunter’s dream come true. By surveying yard sales that are listed online, Yard Sale Mapper plots out on a map all the current yard sales and their hours within a specified area. Never again will enterprising folks with a penchant for haggling need to scour the roadways for fliers on telephone poles.
  • Skype: An app for a cell phone that makes phone plans obsolete? It might sound counterintuitive, but Skype has rapidly become a treasured tool of talkers on a budget. Skype lets users speak to each other on their smartphones for free, and Skype calls to landlines cost only a few cents. Skype is especially handy for those in need of making calls overseas.
  • ATM Hunter: Created by Mastercard, ATM Hunter allows users to find the locations of ATMs near them, saving precious dollars for consumers who might otherwise be forced to pay obnoxious withdrawal fees. This app is especially useful on vacations or road trips, when cash is tight and ATM withdrawals are a must.
  • Happy Hours: Happy Hours is the perfect app for someone trying to have a nightlife for less. Happy Hours lists the times and locations of happy hour deals in local restaurants and bars, making a night on the town an exercise in careful spending.

Cheap Apps:

  • GasBuddy: This one’s something of a no-brainer. There are few things that cost people as much money day in and day out as gas, and GasBuddy helps put some of that money back in consumers’ pockets. GasBuddy is essentially a price comparison application made for comparing different gas stations, with the built-in ability to tailor itself to specific makes and models of cars to better gauge users’ needs and savings. GasBuddy.com also offers a stripped down, but still incredibly handy, version of this app for free.

Price: $2.99

  • KAYAK Mobile Pro: KAYAK allows users to compare prices on rental cars, hotels, and flights without having to scour the multitude of sites out there vying for consumers’ business. On top of that, KAYAK makes checking on flights, managing itineraries and even looking up baggage fees easier than ever. KAYAK also offers an identical version of this app for free to users who don’t mind viewing advertisements while they plan.

Price: $0.99

  • Kids Eat Free: Kids Eat Free is an app designed to make the sometimes daunting task of going out to eat with children considerably more palatable. Kids Eat Free keeps track of different local restaurants that offer deals for children, allowing users to hit up as many discounted kids meals as possible without having to keep track of numerous restaurants’ schedules.
  • iPhone Shopper: iPhone Shopper aims to finally rid users of the dreaded shopping list. iPhone Shopper not only lets users check off, add or remove items from a touch screen shopping list as they go, but also provides a running total of how much the day’s shopping is going to cost.

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