Tesco Add Barcode Scanning feature to Tesco iPhone App

Tesco are one are the world’s largest supermarkets and as many of you will know if you shop there on a regular basis, they have an iPhone app that allows you to shop on the move. Now, they have added a new feature to the application that will actually allow you to scan barcodes using the built in camera on the iPhone in order to add them to your online shopping basket.

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Tesco says this is an exciting new feature that they think will be extremely useful to a lot of their customers. The technology used in the app will allow people that are busy to easily be able to add thing to their shopping basket whenever they are running out of them. Tesco also believe that this new feature will allow people to easily buy new things from the supermarket without any effort. For example, if you were to taste something that you liked at a friend’s house, you would simply be able to photograph the barcode and it would be added to your online shopping basket.

Tesco say this they are very excited for this new addition and that it is a great addition to the iPhone app that it is currently out there. Tesco say they are striving to meet the demands of their customers and make shopping with them as easy as possible.

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