Christmas Letter to Santa – From your iPhone!

Are you the kind of person that believes in miracles? Are you a believer of fairy tales? Most people start to believe in magic around the Christmas season as we are all hoping to witness first hand, the fantastic power that Santa Claus is supposed to have.

All of us remember our childhood. This period is a carefree time when we are young enough to believe in some pretty unreal things. There must definitely be a time when you would be writing letters to Santa asking him to get you various gifts and toys. If you have been missing these feelings for quite a while now, now is your chance to relive those moments with the iTec Group company.

They have developed an application known as the Christmas letter to Santa and has been developed specially for the iPhone. Using this program, you can now write letters straight to Santa Claus. All that you need to do is to enter a valid e-mail ID of yours accompanied by the text of the letter, send it and then just wait for a reply.

All that you need is an iPhone and this application. Right now this application is only available in the English language and there is no news of whether any more languages will be added. You also need to ensure that your iPhone operating system version is 2.0 or any of the later ones. This game is going to be released on the 20th of December 2009 ensuring that you have more than enough time to purchase it from the App store and then start writing your letters to Santa Claus. For all you know, this might be the year when all your wishes come true.

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