PatternBlox Lite: Get Ready To Revive Your Senses With This Colorful World

PatternBlox is a matchless puzzle game in which you are required to match the appropriate colors with objects of the same color. World’s smallest organism is the object here and that is our shapeless amoeba with an array of special colors. There are different colored blocks and different colored amoebas. All you need to do to establish your victory in this incredible game is to match amoebas of a particular color with the same color blocks. You need to accomplish this task within a stipulated timeframe.

This is an interesting game that draws your attention close to the colors and takes you to the flawless days of your childhood, where you used to do “match the following” with your own full-fledged fun. Here in this puzzle game, only the amoebas move and the colored blocks remain still. You can even move two amoebas at a stretch by selecting them and it is not essential for these two amoebas to be placed besides each other. It is sure that your eyes will wander in search of your favorite colors and swap them first! If you are a harmonious lover of the serene sky blue color, then search for your blue amoeba and match it with the blue block, it is that very simple! To keep you energetic and engaged, there are three levels of this game. They are

Survival Mode: This is a qualifying level. All you need to do in this level is to make the fitting matches within a specific time, to get qualified to the next higher level.
TimePanic Mode: As the name suggests, you are supposed to finish as many levels as possible within the given time.
Endless Mode: This mode gives you ultimate joy as you don’t need to stop anywhere because this mode is not restricted by time. Your joy, excitement and enthusiasm will be endless.
The scores of this game are sustained online, to help you check your scoring power against the other users of the world.

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (II Generation)
Language: English
Requirements: Requires iOS 2.2.1 or later.

Why are you still waiting? Download it and get ready to refresh your minds and recharge your brains with this multicolored puzzle game.

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