Tango Video Calls for the iPhone 4

We’re always looking for new ways to communicate and now, you can not only call your friends from wherever you are, but you can video call them and show them everything that’s around you! So, ‘wish you were here’ becomes a little less of a wish and a little more of a reality! You’ll get all of this with the Tango Video Calls app for the iPhone – but it does depend on which iPhone you have. Unfortunately, this app is only compatible with the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. It does work however, with any other smartphone that has a 3G and Wi-Fi connection.

Simply download the app and it will use search your contact list and use those when you need to call someone. When it’s time to call just look into your phone, choose the friend you want to call, and get ready to chat with them, in real time and face to face! If you’re standing outside the Eiffel Tower and want to show them, or you just can’t remember what brand of spaghetti sauce you were supposed to bring home for dinner, just flip the phone around. The camera will keep recording and will show the person you’re talking to whatever you’re pointing the camera at. It really is as easy as that.

And it’s not complicated to start using the app either. No registering, no creating a new account. Just download the app and start video chatting and communicating in one new way that’s now available! You can start by downloading it here.

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