4 Handy Apps For Construction Industry Professionals

There’s a Construction App for That

Ten years ago, if you told construction professionals that there’s an app that can make their jobs faster and easier, you’d most likely be met by baffled stares and raised brows.

However, that is all changing today as more construction companies and professionals are learning the importance of mobile technology and slowly adopting it in important projects. Using one’s smartphone or any mobile device, people can access apps for just about anything – from keeping track of bid status to sharing building plans and blueprints to team members and clients – all in just a few swipes and clicks.

Apps for iPhone

Want to know what we’re talking about? Here’s a list of the top 4 handy apps construction professionals should get their hands on now:
1.       DeWalt Mobile Pro

DeWalt, a trusted name in the manufacture of power tools for the construction, woodworking and manufacturing industries, has partnered with Cengage Learning to bring DeWalt Mobile Pro – a powerful construction calculator and reference tool developed specifically for construction professionals. This app features calculation templates and conversions of length, area and volume, decimal and fractional math, advanced math functions, calculation history that can be shared via email and more. In addition, users of this app can also customise this tool by purchasing add-on features and resources for various construction topics, including carpentry, landscaping, site work, and construction math. DeWalt Mobile Pro app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices for free download.
2.       SmartBidNet

Created by JB Knowledge Technologies, SmartBidNet was created to address the needs of commercial builders. It is a construction bid management tool that allows bid managers to create and manage a private network of subcontractors, suppliers and vendors. With this app, users can organise bid project details and project information, including status, amount, due date, and project location, send invitations to bid to qualified companies, and allow them to submit proposals for the project. SmartBidNet is available for both Apple and Android device users. But currently it’s available only for customers who are already using the SmartBidNet bid management software.
3.       BIMx

BIMx is a 3D presentation tool that allows for easy collaboration among various project stakeholders, including architects, structural engineers, construction managers and building owners, with regards to the project’s design concept. The app lets users view and explore three-dimensional models of the entire building on mobile devices in a navigation interface similar to video games. GRAPHISOFT BIMx 3D models can also be easily shared among users with BIMx viewers. This app works for all iOs and Android devices.
4.       PlanGrid

PlanGrid is a free cloud-based app designed to help contractors save time and become more efficient. This app lets users store project plans and blueprints, and share and sync them with team members. Any changes or revisions in the drawings can also be annotated to keep everyone in the construction project updated real time. Furthermore, users can take progress photos, which can be attached to the blueprint and automatically archived to the cloud. Service and storage is free for the first 50 sheets; after that, users can avail of the offered monthly plans. The PlanGrid app can be downloaded for free for iPhone and IPad.

Jim Moschoyiannis of L.U. Simon Builders, a leading property construction company in Australia, believes companies should constantly review and stay at leading edge of technologies to remain competitive in the industry. By embracing the latest advances in technology today, such as those noted above, leaders of construction companies and even ordinary tradesmen will be able to maximise productivity and efficiency in every project.  Try one of these apps today and get the job done quick and easy!

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