Apple iPad 2 Rumors – Latest Update

There have been a lot of rumors over the last few months about the release of the Apple iPad 2 device next year. Ad with many Apple products, many people predict what they will be like before they are released and they predict when they will be released and the Apple iPad 2 is no exception. There are many rumors as to the new features that the iPad 2 will have and as to when it will be released and these are being updated all of the time.

The latest rumors for the Apple iPad 2 device have stated that it will more than likely be released in April of next year rather than in February as it was previously thought. This is thought to be due to a few complications in the production; however some blogs and websites still believe that the iPad 2 will be launched in February. It is thought that the iPad 2 will be announced at the keynote presentation from Apple in January still.

Other rumors about the features of the device state that the device is almost certain to have two cameras installed. These rumors have been around for quite a while and there is word confirmed from the manufacturers of the cameras that the iPad 2 will have a front and rear facing camera installed, much like the iPhone 4. It is thought that this will enable video calling.

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