How to legally Download free Music

How to Legally Download Free Music to a Mac

When many major record companies mentioned Napster, has been remarkably difficult to free legal music download and MAC – or even a computer. People were afraid to go to jail and others. Music activities directed against the whole world the message of their case with Napster. That said, our music is free and you pay for. Well, thank you, they have calmed down over time. Now you can legally download music, and it accordingly.

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Here’s how to do it.

ITunes launches. If you have not already, head to and then download this application as a whole. You will see where you can get to the page of the website.


Visit the iTunes Music Store. It can be found in the sidebar to the right of iTunes. It is the first lower index the story. From the iTunes Store and you will be the go to it


Find free music legally in the investigation. Use search box in the upper right corner of the website. Free music type in the search box and press ENTER. This will take you to another page. Extra tip: You can even see the center of the homepage for all iTunes Store, and is highlighted in the music free.

Choose music for free. You can see a list of musical center of the Internet that can be downloaded free. The good news is that it will also play music, you can register for free. Load the map and click on words or get free music, download it to your Mac


Ask your iTunes library in place to ensure that the download to your Mac has been very successful. You can return to the left sidebar and click on music libraries. Offered to another screen that shows all your music. The download should be there. You can even scan down the sidebar, click recently added. New downloads.

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