What Your IPhone Case Says About You

What your iPhone case says about you

Your iPhone can be customised to suit your own unique style. Whether you have a wardrobe full of vintage clothing or you prefer to wear sporty clothes, your iPhone case can be matched to your look. In fact, an iPhone case can say a lot about a person; whether they are fun loving and carefree or more style conscious. Let’s take a look at some of the styles of iPhone case available and what they say about you.

Mr/Miss Practical

Your wardrobe probably consists of black suits, black formal wear and the occasional pair of jeans. You’re either a workaholic or your family life has taken over; either way your iPhone cover is probably of the slim kind and plain black or white. If you are a working professional, this type of iPhone case is probably more suitable for your day to day life, but why not rotate it with something a little brighter for the evenings? Glitter and sparkles can look incredibly glamorous on an iPhone case so give it a try.

The Fangirl/boy

Your walls are caked in posters of your favourite band/singer/movie star. If you are above the age of 12, you may just have a collection of their best work on your shelves. The celebrity iPhone case is a favourite as it tells everyone just what they need to know about you: you are a massive fan of One Direction/Brad Pitt/Rihanna. Whatever the kids are into these days. You may have cases covered in pictures of a celebrity’s smiling face, but what about you? You can use your iPhone case to express the best parts of your own personality, so go for it: add a little sparkle!

In touch with your inner child

Your wardrobe is likely to be filled with bold colours and cutesy t-shirts. Your iPhone case is probably pretty similar, with a cute kitty design or an adorable teddy bear. People probably love your innocence and great sense of humour but why not add a little touch of grown up sophistication to your iPhone case to balance it out? Some crystals on your case can really add a touch of glamour to your unique style.

The Diva

Let me guess: you have your nails done once a week and get up extra early to apply your make up, put in your extensions (both hair and eyelash) and own a cute puppy? Ok, this might be slightly stereotypical, but your iPhone case is likely to be covered in fur with an animal print design. Why not express your sparkling sense of fun by having an iPhone case designed in glittering crystals? Your personality will shine through if you go for a unique design.

There really is an iPhone case to suit every personality, whether you prefer a vintage design or you love the quality of a wooden case. You may see your iPhone as an essential part of their lives and the iPhone case can serve as an extension of your personality and style. Make a statement with your case!

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