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iPhone Case. If you are iPhone owner that means you have made snazziest purchase of this decade. You might surely be feeling that you are the owner of this nice and smart gadget. You will definitely be feeling proud being an owner of this. You would definitely show this to your friends and relatives. At the same time you also might be thinking about its security and safeguard measures that it can be protected from scratches or from being dropped. So, the next thing which you would surely be thinking about your gadget is a good iPhone case to protect your iPhone.

As we all are aware that iPhone is new in the market but still there are some exceptional cases available in market today. These are the cases which are having different range. They are from cool look to stylish look. One of the examples of such attractive iPhone case is Otter Box Defender. These are very much popular as makers of the waterproof and tough kind of cases for iPods and other mobile phones. They are also in to manufacturing of cigar case as well. So, you should not get surprised that they are also now creating iPhone cases.

The Otter Box Defender case is best one which is not like other iPhone cases. It gives a total control for user interactivity. User can easily operate volume controls, camera and all touch functions. It is a case which is semi-rugged and very sleek. It is completely water resistant. Its dimension is approx 4.81” X 2.675” X .77”. It can easily protect your iPhone from any kind of external conditions. When you are going somewhere and you are interested in taking your iPhone along with you then you need to have to remove your case off. This case comes with holster and clip. This is very handy in nature and it can protect your iPhone from any kind of crowd or rain.

This Otter Box is created for almost all the models of the iPhones. Comparing this with other iPhone cases which normally is not good and they block all the interactivity of iPhone. Whereas Otter Box case can completely provide you access to all touch interface of your iPhone. This has got three layers of protection. When you are using your iPhone or keeping it idle, its protective surfaces gives complete protection which covers iPhone every time. Its outer layer is generally created with the silicone material so, it can safeguard your phone from all kind of bumps. Another good thing about this case is that it comes with charge and headphone jack. You can easily control to all the buttons like sleep, home, volume controls and also proximity sensor all this within the case. This case comes with a swivel belt clip which gives complete protection to delicate screen.

This is considered to be the best available iPhone case in the market today. This is a case which only works with your Apple iPhone and it is not compatible with your iPod.

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  1. My otter case has broken after only 2 months of having it. I would like to find the warranty or replacement department for it but am not able to locate it.

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