How To Sync Your iOS 8 Device To iTunes Via Wi-Fi

Okay! So the newest iOS 8 is finally out, and every one is itching to try out the feature that it’s boasting of – the wireless syncing ios 8 iphone, ipad or ipod touch to itunes. In line with that, here is a short guide to get you through the process easily, since this is definitely a first for many of us. Let’s start!

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Syncing Your iOS 8 Device To iTunes Without Cables!

Before we begin with the wireless syncing, the first thing you need to do is to prepare your devices. You need to make sure that everything is ready. Check if your iOS devices update successfully to the newest iOS 8. the next thing you need to check is your computer. See if your iTunes is updated as well, and check if your network connection is strong and is not encountering any problems whatsoever. Finally make sure that everything has power. Of course, it’s a no brainer, the computer should be turned on, and your iOS device has its battery full. If you’re sure that you are definitely ready with everything, then let us proceed.

If you are practically new to this Sync iOS 8 Device To iTunes Via Wi-Fi, you should remember that before proceeding with being wireless, you should at least introduce your upgraded device first to your updated iTunes. You should’ve synced your gadget at least once using the old style – that is through a data connection cable. If you already have, then go to the Settings app and from there select General. Under the General area, you should be able to see the new option, the iTunes Wi-Fi sync tab. Again, if you’re network connection is good, your computer is connected there as well as your device, your computer should be listed down after this. If it is, then select your computer, and lastly, tap on “Sync now”.

Your iOS 8 device would sync with your iTunes automatically, and you don’t even have to open up your iCloud to do this.

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