Linkin Park Revenge iPhone/iPod Touch App Review

Most of you out there will probably have heard of the Tap Tap Revenge application that has been available for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices for quite some time and if you do, you will know what a great game it is for the devices. Tap Tap revenge is similar to concepts such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band but it was available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now, there is a new application from the makers of Tap Tap Revenge called Linkin Park Revenge.

Linkin Park Revenge is basically a Linkin Park branded version of the Tap Tap Revenge app. As well as having the branding, it allows you to play a variety of Linkin Park songs in the app and allows you to find out more information about the band. The app has many tracks available to play and you can always purchase more from the app store if you get a little bored. There are enough tracks to keep you entertained for a while however.

Some of you might have heard of the Katy Perry Revenge app and this app is basically the same as that, except for the fact that it is Linkin Park branded instead of Katy Perry. Overall, the app is a lot of fun and is worth the price in the iTunes app store, especially if you are a big fan of Linkin Park.

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