Great Apps in Apple Store for Education

Nowadays, learning has become more accessible and more engaging thanks to various mobile apps that are easy to download in the Apple Store for free. Using apps for education is a great way to make your studies less boring and add some creativity to your routine. By the way, many different services also have mobile apps that help students with challenging written assignments. EssayShark is one of the most appreciated online services for those students who are stuck with essays and other papers. The service also has a perfectly practical and useful essay writing app Read on to learn about great apps and Apple Store for education you need to use.

Great App in Apple Store for Education


Students who learn languages will appreciate using this ultimate app, which is considered one of the best, which is available on the iOS system. Thanks to Memrise, you can practice languages on the go and do it in a fun manner. The selection of languages is enormous, and you can be sure that you will find the one you need there. There are a lot of courses available online.

Students who often use Memrise for learning languages say that it is the best because it helps to learn within the two things each student likes: games and memes! For example, when you use Memrise, you do not just remember and repeat new words. You create fun associations with them that helps you to remember words much more effectively. A playful approach to learning makes Memrise one of the top learning apps for iOS.


Are you fond of astronomy or have difficulties learning the difficult course? Now you will be free of worries because, thanks to SkyView app, you will learn a lot about the astronomical universe. Thanks to this ultimate app, you can point your device in any direction in the sky and see what is above your head. Satellites, planets, constellations, and other objects in the sky will be before your eyes, right in your hand.

SkyView is perfect for students who want to learn more about astronomy and just also very engaging for kids who will be impressed by the functions of this amazing app. Many great features, a beautiful interface, and interesting information make this app very popular. By the way, this app is free to use.


All students make notes during lectures and seminars in college and university. Evernote is a well-known app available for iOS that allows making notes on the go and arranging them, customizing the interface of the app for your needs. By using Evernote, you will not lose any significant information you want to remember.

This app allows you to organize all the information you store within notes by categories, making it easy to find the needed note quickly. Moreover, Evernote allows you to save all the files you use in the cloud, making it very easy to reach information anywhere.


 Another language learning app on our list of great apps in the Apple Store for education is Duolingo. Of course, we must mention this application because it is one of the most world-known ones. The fact that there are more than 1,000,000 users of Duolingo says it all. This is an app that very effectively combines gamification and learning functions, which makes people addicted to learning languages.

One of the benefits of Duolingo is that native speakers make many courses within this app. Also, many communities learn through Duolingo, support themselves, communicate, and share their experience in speaking clubs.


Udemy is an online platform that offers students a variety of courses in different disciplines and fields of study. Udemy offers courses of various difficulty, specialties, duration, etc. So it doesn’t matter what level of skills you have in the chosen area of study; you will find on Udemy everything you need. For example, there are courses on history, astronomy, coding, mobile app development, Photoshop, and many others.

The Udemy app for iOS allows you to purchase courses on the go. Moreover, the app offers many discounts for students. It is very useful to get notifications from the app because some of the discount programs last only for several hours or days.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is one of the most famous platforms that help to find employees and jobs. It’s viral among many people all over the world, and also, for several years in a row, LinkedIn has offered learning courses for career-oriented individuals. If you are dreaming about a great career and want to grow and develop as a person, you need to download this app for iOS.

You will get an opportunity to learn on the go in such fields as coding, interview preparation, strategic thinking, Microsoft Office, and more. Note that this app also allows you to share your achievements via the social net on LinkedIn, showing your audience that you gained new skills.


Do not miss this ultimate education app available in Apple Store. Skillshare makes you advanced in graphic design, illustrations, filmmaking, drawing, and other areas of visual art. Skillshare helps you hone your creativity, as this is similar to online learning platforms like Coursera. It allows you to make your courses by filming videos to help others study.

Moreover, by uploading your courses on Skillshare, you can earn money. There is an ability to use the app to download the courses you want to learn for offline access. It is possible to join several courses at once.


 If you download Kahoot! for free, you can use it for different learning purposes. You can make Kahoot! one of the favorite games for students in the class because it is a gamified learning platform that allows you to create exciting quizzes.

Moreover, it is also perfect for your family members, especially if you live in different areas and often connect with each other online. iPhone users admit that Kahoot is one of the best and most useful educational apps they ever downloaded.

Wrap Up

Our article provided you with information about the most helpful and often downloaded apps in Apple Store for education. We hope that you have found something interesting by reading our material. We wish you good luck during your studies!

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