Half.com App is Especially Great for Students with iPhones

There’s no doubt that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of iPhone apps that are designed for academics and for helping students achieve higher grades. But now there’s an app that concerns itself with getting students something else that they want, and the lower the better – prices. That app is the Half.com app, an app for the iPhone that compares prices and lets students shop for everything that every student needs, but at the lowest possible prices.

The Half.com app lets students can in barcodes on things such as textbooks, movies, DVDs, novels, CDs, and other common items that students often buy. All students have to do is scan in the barcode of an item, and the app will automatically bring up the lowest price and allow you to shop, all within the app. Plus, you can search and browse right from the main screen using the different categories that are clearly listed and easy to use. Plus, when it comes to check out, you can do that right through the app and you can even set up a convenient customized setting so you can check out even faster and easier each and every time!

Some have claimed that the app is the first app to include barcode scanning but, we think that may be a stretch. There are many other apps out there that include the barcode scanning technology and while Half.com may very well have been the first, we just don’t know. Either way, today it’s not new technology. An app however, that helps students with not only their schoolwork, but their finances too? Now that’s cool! And, because the app is looking to save students every penny, it’s also offered for free, and you can get it here.

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